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The Jeffersonian Institute

Dedicated to Bones Fan Fiction

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The Jeffersonian: Your Place for Bones Fan Fiction
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This community is for fan fiction inspired by the Fox television series, Bones.

Main Rules:
- Be nice with your fellow posters -- we are all here because we love the show and we love fan fic. Unfortunately, we are not all going to 'ship the same couple. Please respect that fact.
- Flaming will get you banned. Fast.
- Constructive criticism is allowed, abuse is not. And will also get you banned.
- No posting of anything that is not fan fic, or fan fic related. That means please do not post graphics, videos, fan mixes, questions about the show/actors, etc. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these things but unfortunately, we are not the right community to post them in.
- You are allowed to pimp your Bones related community/archive/challenge here ONCE. That's it.
- Please do not post to the community looking for fic. This is not a story finders community.

Guidelines For Posting:
These guidelines make finding that certain story written by your favorite fan fic writer easier to do and/or help the other members of the community decide if it is something they wish to read.

The name of story MUST be included in the subject line of post and also the author's name (not just your LJ name) and series title (if applicable.) This makes it easier on moonfairyhime when she is updating the memories. An example of how this should be posted is: Name of fic by moonfairyhime or, if chaptered, Name of fic chapter # by moonfairyhime. If all the information is not included in the subject line, you will be asked to edit your post.

Please also use the following format when posting a story:

Series Title: (if applicable)
Warning: (if applicable)

Don't forget to use a warning if there are spoilers or if it is over an PG-13 rating.

You MUST put stories behind cut tags.

Not sure how to make a cut tag? Go here to find out how.

If linking to a fic in your own journal, link directly to the story not just your journal's main page. Include a separate link (doesn't have to be in a separate post, just it's own separate link is all) to each chapter if it is a multiple part story/series.

Not sure how to make those links? Go here to find out how.

Also, it is highly recommended that each fic be gone over by a beta reader before being posted.

Not sure where to find a beta? Try betas4hire or make a post here in the community requesting one. If all else fails, contact the mods and we will do our best to help you.

Moderated by kashmir1
Co-Moderated by moonfairyhime and dizzy_dia

All graphics courtesy of dizzy_dia.

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